Monday, January 13, 2014

Spray painting

I'm terrible for saving things thinking it might be useful at some point.  This includes empty pump action hair spray containers. I had actually been thinking of this idea when I kept them so not totally mad.
My containers had a screw top.  So I just took the lid off and put in some paint.  I then just had to play about with the thickness of the paint, so that it wouldn't just clog up the nozzle.  Matthew was at kindergarten at the time I was working this out so no time pressure.  If I made the paint to watery the finished picture didn't have much colour. To thick and it didn't spray.
I then made a template with an old cereal box and a heart shaped hole punch.
If you don't want the spray to go over the edge of the template make it larger than your piece of paper.
I then did it the other way round and used the shape that was cut out.
Today I got this out for Matthew to have a go at.  I got templates out including a train that I though he would love to use.  But he had other ideas and thought it was good just to use the spray bottles. He decided it was graffiti (not so sure about that).
We covered the floor with a big plastic sheet and newspaper.
Then Matthew was let loose with the spray bottles.

For young children this might be a good activity to do in the summer outside.  Just handy we have a tile floor as some of the paint did miss the plastic and newspaper we put down.  Handy he had his back to the furniture.


  1. I love the way the spray painting comes out! (And great for fine motor skills too - bonus!)

  2. Wow! I never thought spray painting would be this fun. I'm gonna do this with my kids. Thank you.

  3. but the thought of spending money on replacing something that still works pretty darn good,  Sydney Spray Painting


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